Capture Large Components in a Single Shot with the DT Versa

The DT Versa Rapid Capture Station is our largest capture station, designed for imaging large manufacturing components in as few shots as possible. Key features include:

  • Industrial-grade build quality
  • Safe material handling surfaces
  • Computer controlled DT AutoColumn for ultra-precise camera positioning
  • Oversize 40″ x 30″ benchtop
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Quality components make quality images.

Ensuring that our products are durable investments is always our top priority. The DT Atom is hand-built in the USA from aerospace grade aluminum, providing exceptionally stable support for the most demanding imaging tasks.

Protecting what you value.

Our precision machined benchtops are designed to be flat and inert for handling sensitive samples, and custom benchtops can be manufactured according to your specifications. From microelectronics to biological materials, the Atom is designed to work safely with your most fragile assets.

Automated machines that work harder for you.

At the heart of the Atom lies the DT AutoColumn – a hands-free solution for adjusting camera position remotely from your computer workstation. The AutoColumn allows you to efficiently cycle between camera positions with a precision of up to 300μm. Get set up quickly and focus on what matters most – high quality imaging.

The right light, every time.

Interchangeable benchtops and light positioning posts allow for rapid conversion between reflective and transmissive imaging setups using the two included DT Photon lights. Boasting industry leading CRI and CQS scores of 98, each Photon provides bright, broadband, stable 5600K illumination for truly quantitative color reproduction.