Phase One iXG 100MP

The iXG system is the product of a long standing relationship between Digital Transitions and Phase One, the industry leader in precision imaging. The iXG brings together the finest commercially available image sensor in the world and the sharpest lenses available on the market in one sleek, industrial-grade, automated camera. Key features of the iXG include:

  • 101MP resolution (11608 x 8708 pixels)
  • 54 x 40 mm active sensor area
  • 15 stops of dynamic range
  • Choice of world-class 72mm and 120mm lenses and accompanying extension tubes
  • Industrial grade endurance shutter rated for up to 100,000 actuations
  • Robust, contrast detection autofocus and remote manual focus adjustment
  • Solid aerospace grade aluminum housing with minimal moving parts
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A sensor second-to-none.

At the core of the iXG is the Sony flagship IMX211 CMOS sensor – a 101 megapixel, 54 x 40 mm chip capable of resolving microscopic details with a stunning 15-stop dynamic range and flawless color accuracy.

German-engineered optics by Schneider-Kreuznach.

Taking advantage of a sensor of this caliber calls for truly exceptional optics. The 72mm and 120mm ASPH lenses are designed and manufactured in Germany by renowned optical experts Schneider-Kreuznach. These optics are rigorously tested, calibrated, and individually inspected by Phase One before they leave the factory.

Revolutionary autofocus capabilities

The iXG is the first ever industrial medium format camera to implement a robust autofocus system, as well as full remote-control focus with optional focus assist for 6 micron fine-tuning. Using powerful Capture One software, automated capture and settings adjustments are quick and easy, both streamlining the imaging process and reducing vibration and mechanical wear.

Built tough for years of heavy use.

Perhaps most importantly, the iXG is an investment that is built to last. With an internal shutter rated to 100,000 actuations and a 3-year warranty with loan units available in case repairs are required, the iXG is delivered ready for years of demanding usage. The iXG is built from aerospace grade aluminum with as few extraneous moving parts as possible, making it hard to damage, and easy to repair.