Phase One IQ3 50MP Digital Back

At the heart of every DT system lies a Phase One sensor block, or “digital back”.

Our exclusive partnership with Phase One is no accident – we share a design philosophy that no compromise should be made in pursuit of the perfect image.

The IQ3 50MP provides outstanding image quality over a large 44 x 33 mm sensor, with size and quality second only to the IQ3 100MP.

While the IQ3 50MP is available integrated into the iXG, users of the DT R-Cam or DIY systems can work directly with the sensor and Phase One SDK to create truly unique, purpose built imaging systems.

Technical Specifications

Resolution 51 Megapixel
Active Pixels 8280 x 6208
Active Sensor Area 44 x 33 mm
Long Exposure 60 minutes
16 bit Opticolor+ No
Native Dynamic Range 84 dB (14 stops)
Sensitivity Range 100 – 6400 ISO
Sensor Type  CMOS
Pixel Pitch 5.3 x 5.3 µm