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Mechanical and Electronic Imaging Samples

We imaged two 8′ x 10′ sheets of anodized aluminum, and provided a visually inspected “before” image and an captured and processed “after” image using the DT Rapid Capture System. All images were shot in under 1 second at 100 megapixels, batch processed in software, and cropped slightly. Take a look at the first images […]

DT Systems in Action – Multispectral Imaging

When Duke University needed to recover a damaged ancient text, they chose the DT Atom Rapid Capture Station and Multispectral Imaging Module to see beyond the visible spectrum, and bring the lost text back to life.   Here at DT’s Industrial division, we understand that your mission success depends on safe, high-quality evaluation of your […]

Workflow Optimization in Focus – Boosting Productivity With Z-Stacking

Better Quality, Quicker As the old adage goes, you can do something quickly, or you can do it well. The point is well taken, but here at DT, we’ve made our name providing clients both. Today we’re going to explore Z-Stacking, one of the many advanced imaging techniques that we’ve made fast and easy, with […]